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VentCredit provides a free payday loan up to PLN 3,000 for up to 30 days with the first loan. Vent Credit offers up to 5000 PLN for regular customers! The company currently grants the highest free loan on the market!

Payday loans no credit check are here to help

We doesn’t do a hard check¬†and enjoys one of the highest average ratings among customers taking payday loans no credit check. The company grants a very large number of loans and has recently boasted of its millionth customer. Television advertising and high granting significantly affect customer feedback.

The company organizes numerous competitions with very serious prizes, such as the Ford KA competition. Before taking out a loan, be sure to read the payday rankings and customer reviews about the loan brand. This will avoid many unpleasant consequences associated with online loans.

Registration in VentCredit – documents required

  • mobile phone
  • Bank account
  • ID card

Vent Credit loan – step by step

  1. Go to the VentCredit website
  2. Use the slider to select the loan amount you are interested in and the repayment period
  3. Complete a short loan application and accept the regulations
  4. Make a transfer of PLN 0.01 to the loan company’s account

Take a loan Opinions about Vent Credit

Paydayport-loan has prepared for you a film showing how easy it is to register with Vent Credit. Going through the form is just a few steps, but still it is worth first to see the video, how to do it correctly and where to enter what data. Entering incorrect data may cause immediate refusal and unnecessary stress. Check how to take loans online from Paydayport-loan.

Vent Credit – payday pay offer

VentCredit is a Latvian company existing on the Polish market since December 2011. The company offers short-term loans in the amount of PLN 150 to PLN 4,000, for which we have 1 to 30 days to pay.
New customers can take advantage of the promotion of the first free loan of up to PLN 1,500 for 30 days.
VentCredit takes a high place in the rankings not only due to the high amount of the first free loan but also thanks to the introduction of the option of receiving a loan at Bank Portwy, minimum formalities and frequent promotion.

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